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Water Pump Monitor Kit

Let the Water Pump Monitor make sure that if your pump fails to move water through your main feed line that the pump monitor smart switch will disable your lights while waiting a set time to re-engage the pump and if water is now present the monitor will engage the lights. With this monitor, you'll be able to triple the time you have without water until your plants are beyond saving.

A. General Description

The PM1010 was designed to monitor pump output pressure and shut down the pump in the event that pressure is lost. This protects the pump if there is a loss of nutrient supply due to low lever or a blockage, or if the pump output plumbing system loses integrity.

The unit wires between the pump controller and the pump driving device, which opens the RUN circuit if pressure is lost, thus turning the pump off. In addition to controlling the pump, an auxiliary relay allows other critical devices such as lighting to be controlled when an abnormal condition is present.

The unit also features a number of selectable modes which control either one or three attempts to establish pressure before going into the fault condition, and whether the unit remains off on fault or retries to reestablish pressure whenever the pump controller outputs another RUN signal.

The PM1010 operates on 24VAC, and requires that the controller RUN signal be 24 V AC. The output to the pump driver will handle up to 24 VAC and 0.8A.

B. Installation

Mount the unit to a wall using the holes in the mounting flange on the side of the unit.
Connect a source of 24VAC to the Power Input J1 on the left side of the unit. This can be from an existing supply into the controller.

Install the pressure sensor using a ‘T’ at the output of the pump. Wire the two contacts into the Pressure Sensor Input J2. This input is intended for switch contact only.


The unit is designed to operate using the sensor supplied with the unit. This sensor’s contacts are open when there is no pressure supplied it, and closed when pressure is present. If you wish to use a sensor whose contacts are closed when there is no pressure, the black jumper, TJ1 on the top left of the printed circuit board inside the unit may be removed.

The PM1010 is designed to be wired into the pump RUN circuit. See Fig 1, This is the circuit which wires between the pump controller output and the input to the pump driver circuit. It must be a 24VAC circuit ONLY. This can be, for example, the Aux Output of the ST1004 Sequence controller driving the input to a D1005 1hp Driver. The pump would plug into the D1005. This circuit is wired instead so that the ST1004 Auxiliary Output is wired to J3 ‘From Control’, and the J4 ‘To Pump Drive’ connector is wired to the input of the D1005 Drive. This circuit can handle up to 0.8 Amps, but this current is supplied from the controller through J3, not the PM1010.

The Auxiliary relay, J5, can be used to control other devices. When a normal condition exists, pump running with pressure present, the contacts pins 1 and 2 are closed, pins 2 and 3 are open. If pressure disappears when the pump is running an alarm condition will occur, energizing this relay. This is indicated when the red light is on. This will cause pins 1 and 2 to go open, and pins 2 and 3 to go closed. This relay can handle up to 10 Amps resistive load or 2 Amps inductive.

If it were required to control the lighting in the garden so that if the PM1010 detected a pressure failure the lights would be shut down, this could be wired as shown in Fig 2. The lighting circuit would be wired through the contacts of a 24VAC coil contactor. The coil circuit would wire with pins 1 and 2 of J5 in series. This would form a complete circuit under normal conditions but would open when an alarm condition was present, turning the lights off.

If an alarm light or bell is required it can be wired between J5 pin 3 and point ‘B’ as shown on Fig. 2.

C. Operation

The PM1010 monitors pump output pressure. If this drops below a set level, the unit turns the pump OFF. It does this by interupting the pump RUN signal circuit between the device which tells the pump to turn on and the power drive device which switches the motor current. Fig 1. The PM1010 waits for the RUN signal to appear from the controller. When it does, it turns the pump ON. It then waits for 5 seconds. If the output pressure from the pump has not come up to pressure, the unit goes into an alarm condition.

Similarily, if the pump is running, with proper pressure, and this pressure is lost, the Monitor will wait for 2 seconds. If the pressure has not returned by this time, the 1010 will go into an alarm condition.

Once into an alarm condition, the pump is not turned OFF immediately. There is a selectable option available which controls the number of attempts made before action is taken. This is selected with the ATTEMPTS switch on the back of the unit. When in the ‘1’ position, the pump will be turned OFF and the Auxiliary Device relay energized as soon as the alarm condition is entered, In the ‘3’ position, the PM1010 will make three attempts to turn the pump ON and reestablish pressure, with 10 seconds between each attempt. If pressure is not present after the third attempt, the pump will be turned OFF and the Auxiliary Device relay will be energized. If the lights are connected as in the previous description, the lights will be turned OFF at this time.

There is a second selector switch on the back of the Monitor, the RETRY option. When in ‘OFF’ position, the unit will remain in the alarm state indefinitetly. The only action that will cause the unit to try again to start the pump will be to push the RESET switch on the top left of the unit. If the RUN signal is present from the controller, the PM1010 will immediately start the pump after the RESET switch is pushed. If the RUN signal is not present, the unit will wait for the RUN signal before tying again.

In the RETRY ‘ON’ position, the 1010 will start afresh each time the RUN signal is first removed, then reestablished. This means that if the controller turns the pumping system on and off, with for example, a 20 minute cycle, the PM1010 will try to restart the pumping system each time the controller does. In the RETRY ‘OFF’ position, once in the alarm state, the PM1010 will remain in this state no matter what the controller is telling the pump to do until the RESET switch is pushed.

As previously described, if the 1010 is in the alarm state and in RETRY ‘ON’ mode, the pump will be OFF and the alarm relay energized, turning the lights OFF. It will remain in this state until the RUN signal is removed, then reapplied at J3. When this happens, the pump is turned ON, but the Auxiliary Device relay is not yet turned OFF. The alarm condition is not exited and the relay deenergized until valid pressure is established. If the unit is in the ATTEMPTS ‘3’ mode, the unit will attempts 3 time to do this. The alarm state will be exited immediately pressure is present but if this takes 2 tries for example, this will not be until after the second try.

The above sequence is a mode of operation designed to better meet the needs of some of the specialized lighting systems with long start times.

In order for the system to detect loss of pressure, the pump RUN signal must be ON for more than 5 seconds in 1 attempt mode, and 45 seconds in the three attempt mode.

D. Operational Controls

1. RESET button - Use to reset the Punp Monitor at any time, but used normally to remove the unit from an alarm state when in the RETRY ‘OFF’ mode.
2. Alarm light - This is ON whenever the PM1010 is in the alarm state with the Auxiliary Device relay energized.

E. Electrical Specifications

Power Input J1 - 20 to 28 VAC at 10 milliamps
Pressure Switch J2 -No voltage to be applied.
Open switch voltage - 5 VDC
Closed switch current - 0.5 milliamps
Control Input J3 - 20 to 28 VAC at 0.8 amps
Pump Drive J4 - equal to voltage supplied at J3.
- Max allowable current load at J4 - 0.8 amps
Aux Device relay - 28 VAC at 10 amps resistive, 2 amps inductive.

F. Timing Specifications

1. Pump on signal to no pressure failure time - 5 seconds
2. Pump running, pressure drop time to failure - 2 seconds
3. Time between Attempts - 10 seconds
4. Minimum RUN signal on time
- 1 attempt mode - 5 seconds
- 3 attempt mode - 45 seconds

G. Physical Dimensions

5in.W x 2.5in. H x 1.5in. D

For more information, please visit this products webpage.
This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 19 May, 2002.
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