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CO2 Controller


A. General Description

The C1007 CO2 Controller was designed to allow versatile control of CO2 gas injection into the growing area. Three separate timers set the Fan and CO2 on times, and the Absorption time delay for up to 60 minutes. The unit also has a temperature alarm section which allows the user to set the temperature above which the unit will go into an alarm mode and force the Fan on to vent the growing area. A separate alarm input allows an alarm condition to be generated external to the unit.
A night mode of operation is built in to disable CO2 injection when the growing area becomes. The unit operates on 12 to 24 volts. A 24VAC 1.6 A class 2 transformer is supplied.
There are two outputs, one for the Fan and one for the CO2. These supply 24 volts AC at up to 1.6 amps, 40 watts. For CO2, this is adequate for driving a gas solenoid valve directly. However, the Fan will require higher voltage and current. When this is required, the output can be used to drive a standard 24VAC contactor, or for high reliability, HGS manufactures a range of Solid State Drivers which interface directly with the C1007 outputs.

B. Installation

Mount the unit vertically on the wall with the four keyholes in the side mounting flange. Screw the ring terminals of the supplied cord to the back of the transformer and plug the other end into the power connector J4 on the bottom right of the unit.
Connect the Fan and CO2 circuits to the output connectors J1 and J3 on the bottom left of the unit.
Both outputs are capable of driving up to 24VAC at 1.6 amps, 40 watts. If either output device requires more than this, a suitable interface driver is required. The CO2 gas valve can usually be driven directly if a solenoid of correct voltage is used. The output will supply the same voltage as the power transformer powering the C1007, so if the only solenoid is 12VAC, a 12 volt AC transformer can be used, but it must be AC, not DC as is supplied by many commercially available plug in type transformers.
Most fans require 120 VAC. This requires the use of a suitable driver device. This can be a standard 24VAC contactor, or an HGS Solid State Driver which uses semiconductor switching technology to give trouble-free service without the usual problems of contact deterioration displayed when switching high current motor circuits.
The Alarm input is used to force the Fan on whenever a voltage of 5 to 24VAC of DC is present at J2. This would normally connect to an external control which would supply the correct voltage whenever it wished the Fan to be forced on. Be certain that the supplied voltage does not exceed the maximum input voltage of the Alarm Input.

C. Operation

The function of the C1007 is to control fans and CO2 injection. It does this by repeating a programmed sequence of timed functions. Figure 1 is a time line of the sequence.
When the unit is first turned on, the first operation is to turn on the Fan. The on time is controlled by the Fan On Time control on the left. When this has been completed, a Fan - CO2 Delay of one minute is completed after which the CO2 is turned on. This time is set by the CO2 On Time control in the middle of the panel. After CO2 On Time is finished the unit enters the Absorption Time delay. This is a time period which allows the CO2 to be absorbed by the plants before the sequence repeats itself by again entering the Fan On Time. All three controls are adjustable from 30 seconds to 60 minutes.
During all four of the above timed functions, the appropriate indictor light will be lit. In normal operation they will light in sequence from left to right. Fan On, Fan- CO2 Delay, CO2 On, and Absorption Time Active, then back to Fan On.
When either the High Temperature Alarm or the Alarm input is active, the unit will halt whatever part of the sequence it was in and force the Fan on. It will stay on until the alarm condition is removed, at which point it will resume the sequence at point 'A' in Figure 1 with the start of Fan- CO2 Delay.
The Over Temperature Alarm is set by the control on the left of the unit. If the ambient temperature rises above this point, the Over Temp alarm light will come on, however, the Over Temp Alarm switch must be on before an alarm condition will be sent to the CO2 controller section of the unit. The Over Temp alarm is removed when the ambient temperature falls more than 3 degrees below the control set point.
During either type of alarm condition both the Fan On light and the Alarm light will be on.
Night Mode is intended to inhibit the operation of the CO2 injection part of the sequence when no light is present since plants do not have the same need of it during darkness. This feature can be turned on and off with the Night Mode switch to the left of the Power switch. The operating sequence in Night Mode is the same as normal except that during the CO2 part of the sequence, the CO2 will not be turned on, however the unit will still stay in the CO2 On Time for the same period of time. During this time, the CO2 On light will be off but the Night Mode Active light will be on instead. Night Mode will be entered when the switch is on and light has been removed for more that 15 seconds.
Once in Night Mode and 15 seconds after light reappears or the switch is turned off, the unit will immediately jump to the Fan On point in the sequence, 'B' in Figure 1. in order to ventilate the growing area.

D. Operational Controls

1. FAN ON TIME control - Sets the period of time the fan will be on. Adjustable from 30 seconds to 60 minutes. 2. CO2 ON TIME control - Sets the period of time the CO2 is turn on. Adjustable from 30 seconds to 60 minutes. 3. ABSORPTION TIME control - sets the period of time the unit delays before starting the sequence again to allow the CO2 to be absorbed. 3. TEMPERATURE ALARM POINT - sets the ambient temperature above which an alarm condition will be generated. 4. OVER TEMP ALARM switch - turns the Over Temperature Alarm feature on or off. 5 . NIGHT MODE switch - turns the Night Mode feature on or off.

E. Electrical Specifications

Power Input - 9 to 24 VAC - 1.6 amps
Output- 9 to 24 VAC - 1.6 amps, 40 watts
Alarm Input- 5 to 24 Volts AC or DC - 3 ma @ 5 volts - 20 ma @ 24 volt

F.Timing Specifications

1.Fan On Time - 30 seconds to 60 minutes 2.CO2 On Time - 30 seconds to 60 minutes 3.Absorption Time - 30 seconds to 60 minutes 4.Fan- CO2 Delay - 1 minute 5.Temperataure Range- 0 to 40 degrees Centi.

G. Physical Dimensions - 2" x 6" x 9"

For more information, please visit this products webpage.
This product was added to our catalog on Monday 10 June, 2002.
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